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1. The 2018 national vehicle model championship and the national youth vehicle model championship open!   [2018-08-28]
2. In August, the car mold scenery great in yongkang!   [2018-08-26]
3. National "car model", gathered yongkang!   [2018-08-20]
4. In the middle of August, there will be a large number of drivers from all over the country gathered yongkang!   [2018-08-08]
5. Feishen group welcomes ¡°sunshine flowers¡±   [2018-07-30]
6. The 2018 zhejiang provincial youth vehicle model championship has concluded successfully at the FS international race track!   [2018-07-24]
7. National sports industry demonstration base construction research FS group!   [2018-06-15]
8. Rules for the 2018 zhejiang youth vehicle model championship   [2018-06-13]
9. The 2018 zhejiang provincial youth vehicle model championships will be held on 20th to 22th July at FS race track!   [2018-06-13]
10. Yongkang campus model science and technology sports shines at the 2018 zhejiang vehicle model championship!   [2018-06-05]
11. The zhejiang province vehicle model championship (jinhua station) in the 2017-2018 season has ended successfully!   [2018-06-05]
12. 2018 zhejiang province RC model referee training class held the opening ceremony in FS group headquarters!   [2018-05-31]
13. 2018 ¡°cool learning and cool play¡± flying god technology model summer camp -- open!!!   [2018-05-19]
14. 2018 national RC model open (preparatory meeting) was held in zhejiang yongkang FS group!   [2018-04-08]
15. The most popular team of the third "FS CUP" National RC Model Open in 2017   [2018-01-03]
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